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    Skype and online teachings (for all levels and for any requirement) Language lessons (French for all levels, English for conversation and academics and Old English, German for all levels, Latin and Greek), mathematics (up to university), history and geography (university level) Teachings for children as well as adults (individual or in small groups) Proofreading (English and French) for papers, dissertations and conferences About me: My name is Alexandre Solcà, Swiss citizen, living abroad with my dear wife, MA in egyptology, Old Greek and Latin, private teacher for more than four years as well as in public institutions, working also on translations of papers and publications in different languages, I speak fluently French (native language), English, German, Portuguese and Russian. I also understand Italian and a bit of Modern Greek. Skype first lesson is free of charge, in order to assess at the best every need regarding languages. Skype fees are for French, mathematics, German and English (13 Euros/hour) For history, geography, Latin and Greek (16 Euros/hour) Contact details: Alexandre Solcà,, skype: sashavmoskve Please feel free to contact me, even if only for informations on language opportunities, learning, academic projects and support, projects connected to museums, schools and teaching. I will be pleased to be of support and look very forward working together on languages. Thank you for your attention and for transmitting the information to anyone potentially interested. Alexandre Solcà
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    Nous produisons une gamme variee de sirop a ba se de fruits
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