Exposition Magma

Du 22 Avril au 24 Juin 2017 // Expositions
Exposition Magma
Every human beings, since its birth, has to deal with the concept of limit. Faced with the complexity of the real, human knowledge turns out to be powerless, circumscribed within the boundaries of the sensitivity. Then, the limit seems to be an insurmountable barrier able to restrain our dreams, desires and expectations.

Imagination, however, allows man to overcome this state of condition and leads him to think of himself as a free creature. It is then that the limit can be re-invented, re-created in the artist's mind, who can redefine the coordinates. Thus, the concept of boundary, of border, loses its negative meaning, creating the conditions for a new, inexhaustible potential.
Endless: the ‘no end’, the inexhaustible, the infinite. That is, most probably, what gathers together Aris, Martina Merlini and Nelio, the three artists involved in the new exhibition. Each artist develops an original and innovative language, looking for subtle compositional balances which seem to move in an apparently endless path. Thick textures, nuanced figures, and deceptive superimpositions of shapes, invite us to 'go further', not to indulge on what is 'locked' in the frame. The works suggest new imaginative spaces, encourage the audience to use its own imagination, to explore unknown territories, investigating the limitless hinges of reality’s weave.

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Du 22 Avril au 24 Juin 2017

Exposition Magma

via S. Stefano 164, Bologna Bologna Italie



+39 380 767 5718


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