Jouve & Fouchenneret Duo (Le French May)

Le 28 Juin 2017 // Concerts
Jouve & Fouchenneret Duo (Le French May)
A unique Violin and Guitar Recital

A virtuoso program, from the Baroque to Tango, both touching and breathtaking, pairs the guitar and violin together, in the hands of two top young French artists. The combination of instruments may not be familiar, but it has been popular in times gone by. Indeed, the very first violin virtuoso, Nicolò Paganini composed a number of works for ‘chitarra’ and violin and the combination of plucked string and bowed string resonates across the centuries.

28 Jun 2017 (Wed) at 8pm
Tickets: $380


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Le 28 Juin 2017, à 20:00

Jouve & Fouchenneret Duo (Le French May)

1 gloucester road Hong Kong


Alliance Française de Hong Kong